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Appraisal Fees

Single-Family Appraisal ……….$475
Condominium Appraisal ……….$475                                                              Townhomes & Villas ……………….$450
Full Appraisals with interior/exterior inspections, photos, and sketches.  

Duplex/Triplex/ Quads ………..$750-$900
Complete with full income analysis and rent schedule.

FHA Level Appraisal ……….$550
Limited Appraisal (without interior inspection).

Desktop Appraisals ………..$300
Estimation of value without driving to the property.

Rent Analysis for Income Properties………….$$ – Call for quote
Investor’s tool for predicting expected future income from tenants

High-End & Luxury homes /Waterfront properties………pricing varies according to complexity


The following is a list of most commonly ordered single and multi-family appraisal products.  
Please  contact us  at any time if you have any questions or need further clarification on our appraisal products.

SFH – Single Family Home Appraisal Report
The most common type of property, defined as a a free standing building and the land that it sits on. Whether residing in an HOA/PUD or being a property without any obligation to it’s neighbors, these structures are unencumbered and considered “Fee Simple”. When appraising a SFH, there are multiple components to inspect and analyze. With floor plans ranging from basic to highly complex, the appraiser is looking to make sure the layout is functional and makes sense. Situations like non-permitted additions, safety hazards and differed maintenance can make a significant impact on the home’s buyer appeal and final estimated value. Examples of non-functional designs would be a bedroom that can only be accessed through another bedroom, bedrooms or bathrooms that are too small to be considered as such, low ceilings or even rooms that have been walled off from the main living area without door or pass-through. Quality of construction, condition off components and updating are also high priority categories that are inspected and documented within an appraisal report. An appraisal inspection also takes note of items such as roof, swimming pools, HVAC cooling systems, solar panels, generators…etc. We must also observe any potential external obsolescence, encroachments, or easements that can affect value and marketability.

Condominium Appraisal  While typically having less overall features to inspect than an SFH, these types of properties have alternative criteria that require documentation and consideration. Some of the exterior features an appraiser is looking for are amenities like pool or clubhouse, laundry, security, on-site management and parking. When it comes to the condo unit itself, we focus on condition, floor location, view, laundry, balconies and elevator/lobbies. Tertiary observations would be things like monthly maintenance fees, special assessments, budgets, escrow reserves, deeded parking, dock space, any covenants or restrictions that may impact buyer appeal, age of the building, planned-future renovations and nearby projects that may impact future market appeal. In all cases there is a “condo board” that approves future residents and handles these important issues for the project’s long term stability.

Townhomes & Villas   These style dwellings fall somewhere in between the classic SFH & Condo. While having ground floor entries, they also frequently enjoy front & back yards. Whether located in an HOA or Condo association, these properties must obtain approval from a board of elected members and are required to contribute to monthly or quarterly dues. Owners and prospective buyers often prefer this style of living for the included amenities and lack of responsibility for the exterior property maintenance. Appraiser’s must always take note of how many common walls the unit has and if end units are garnering higher prices in the market. End units are typically preferred as they may have side yard, easy access to the back yard, additional windows for more  light and one less direct neighbor. Also factored into the equation is the question of whether or not the property owns the land it sits on, or if is considered to be in a “condo” association.

2-4 Unit Residential Appraisal  Multi unit properties can be an excellent source of continuous income. These types of investments typically have annual tenants or the owner often lives in one of the units. When purchasing a small income property there are different factors that need to be considered other than similar sales. Understanding potential revenue streams, market rents and reserves are a large part of making the best decisions possible for any investor. While short term rentals and Air B&B are popular, we are not able to place appraisal values on these types of scenarios due to the lack of data and information available.

REO foreclosures  &  Investment
Appraisals are commonly completed for distressed properties including foreclosure and real estate-owned (REO) purposes.  These appraisals are typically reported on the form applicable to the type of property being appraised (ie. Form 1073 for a condo).  REO reports generally have several other additional objectives; to determine estimate of market value based on the present condition of the subject improvements, frequently under normal and liquidation marketing times. Marketing time assumptions will be clearly defined in the final report and may not match the standard definition of market value included in USPAP.  REO appraisals typically include a separate attachment detailing a list of repairs, and their respective costs, necessary to bring the subject improvements into an overall condition that will optimize marketability and value.  Estimates of market value may also be based on normal market conditions existing as of the effective date of appraisal, as well as a value estimate made under a restricted marketing period, as defined in the final report. Standard REO appraisal reports include interior and exterior photographs of the subject improvements, photographs detailing areas of special concern with the subject improvements, standard front, rear, and street scene photographs of the subject property, photographs of all sales utilized within the report, a floor plan sketch with exterior dimensions, an itemized list of recommended repairs, with estimated costs to complete each item, a map detailing the location of the subject and all sales utilized in the report, appropriate certifications & limiting conditions.

Exterior-Only Appraisal Report
The exterior-only appraisal is a USPAP compliant appraisal report that is based on an exterior-only inspection of a single family detached, attached, planned unit development (PUD) property.  Form 2055 is to be used in appraising a single family property or a single family property with an accessory unit and is less reliable by nature when compared to a full interior & exterior valuation. This form is not to be used with a manufactured home, condominium or cooperative. The report includes the appropriate approaches to value, front & street scene photos, photos of comparable properties employed in Sales Comparison Approach, location map showing proximity of comparables to the subject property, as well as appropriate certifications and limiting conditions.

Desktop – Only  Report
The exterior-only condo appraisal form is used for appraisals of individual condominium units. This six page form complies with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), is based on a visual exterior inspection only, and is less reliable by nature when compared to a full interior inspection condo appraisal (Form 1073).  This product includes summary information regarding the project & market, photos of the front and street scene, photos of the comparables utilized in the report, as well as appropriate certifications and limiting conditionsb