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Completely Determinable in Theory or in Fact by Counting, Measuring or Thought.

Who we are and what we do

Established in 2007, we at Finite Solutions acheive local appraisal mastery and excellence by surrounding ourselves with the highest quality ethical appraisers, as well as providing the very best communication possible between clients and any third parties that may be involved in the process.

We achieve high-level appraisal performance is by:  


Finite Solutions has an appraiser for every occasion and every market. We first consider where your property is located, making sure your appraiser is geographically competent. Our team member’s work-load is carefully monitored, making sure they are available for scheduling and can give your property evaluation the proper attention it needs and deserves.

Our team specializes in appraising the market areas that we cover. For this reason we do not accept assignments outside our home counties of Broward, Palm Beach & Miami. Often a homeowner or borrower may question whether or not the appraiser “knows the market”. Some appraisers have been known to travel great distances, far from their homes or office. This can naturally cast doubt on the validity of an appraisal and erode client confidence. At Finite Solutions, we realize that perception is reality and nip that in the bud.

We also leave no stone unturned. Often the markets may be experiencing a down-turn with a lack of available inventory or closed sales for comparison. In this event extra steps are required to properly account for differences in elapsed time or the need to sample outside markets. Conversely, sometimes there is a flood of closings and not always the most recent sales are the most reliable. Frequently we must work directly with Realtors to understand past transactions, current circumstances of sales or even scuttlebutt for the future. This is where a dedicated and experienced appraiser is important, making sure they follow their nose, do the digging and consider subtle nuances.

Our Commitment

We are committed to proving reliable and sound valuations in a time frame that meets or exceeds your Appraisal needs. As an elite level appraisal company, we are committed to our clients with the highest level of communication, service, quality control, explanation detail. We live up to this promise by supporting high industry standards, transparency, service guarantees and determination of retaining our unblemished reputation.

At Finite Solutions Inc , it is our mission to achieve appraisal service excellence. We provide our clients the added peace of mind with the assurance of Appraiser Independence with unbiased reporting. As a disinterested party to a transaction, this allows us to stick to the pertinent facts and not be distracted by desired outcomes. Privacy is always a top priority, as the client and intended users are the only parties with authorization to utilize the report and results it contains. We have implemented company wide policies and procedures that factor in appraiser’s qualifications and professional experiences.
Our appraisers have annual background checks and biannual continuing education covering ethics and law. As a company we also carry insurances in the unlikely event of potential incidences. Finite Solutions has these quality control processes in place to assure that your assignment gets delivered without a hitch.

USPAP guidelines are always followed

Ordering and Delivery

Our team of experienced appraisers is able to provide the flexibility to meet your appraisal due date needs. We make every effort to work with your hectic schedules. Sometimes that may require inspections on a Saturday or a weekday after 5 pm. We assign orders with the appraisers best suited for each assignment while monitoring their workflow and availability. This process includes assessing the ability to perform in a timely manner. The report is given a final review for QC before it is electronically delivered to you, the client. During typical levels of business volume, appraisal turn times of 2 to 5 business days after inspection can be expected.

Report delivery is typically via PDF format, while snail mail is possible.


In any case, we are ready with a solution for your needs.